Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Unsung heros, donate to charity and no one knows

What I'd planned to do with this blog is still evolving.

For now though, I do intend to champion local businesses that I've learned contributed to local Frederick Maryland (or Western Maryland) charities... and I didn't know that they did that

(assumption being that since I wasn't aware that these business owners stepped up to the plate, it's likely you weren't aware that they did it either.)

Here is a short list:

We Help-U-Move Inc located on 511 W South St Frederick MD

Nicholas Walker owner of We Help U Move contributes to the Western Maryland Alzheimer's Association

Brown's Liquors East 908 East Patrick st Frederick Maryland

I can see Raymond Brown sponsors a local little league baseball team, it's kinda difficult to see what Mr Brown supports because he isn't the kind of person to brag about it (see post below re: Mathew 6:4)

More coming... I've got to change my granddaughters' diaper

Almost forgot this one:

Frederick Memorial Hospital

The do NOT charge the uninsured people that A Mission of Mercy sends to them for Cat Scans or X Rays... I know, they did MY Cat Scans and X Rays and Ultrasounds when Mission of Mercy sent me there... at least I know I'm not pregnant:) (didn't know men could get ultrasound???)


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