Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Frederick Community Action Agency

When I first learned of the Frederick Food Bank and the Frederick Soup Kitchen I assumed the operations where run by a church organization like Frederick's Religious Coalition.

I was surprised to find out the Frederick Community Action Agency is a quasi government/ Non profit set up that is actually staffed by City of Frederick employees.

Food Bank City of Frederick MD

The FCAA runs both a Soup Kitchen and the Frederick Food Bank.
Here's a list of what the Food Bank needs, list is from the City of Frederick's website: http://www.cityoffrederick.com/departments/CAA/needs-list2.htm

Food Bank City of Frederick MD

This box for private citizens to donate food the the Frederick Food Bank was found at the Walmart Super Center in Frederick Maryland.

Soup Kitchen City of Frederick MD

Scene from the inside of the Frederick Community Action Agency's Soup Kitchen, the people serving food are volunteers, usually from local church groups.

Frederick Community Action Agency's soup kitchen

Officer Johnson of the City of Frederick Police force helping serve food at the Frederick Soup Kitchen. The city provides security during dinner at the Soup Kitchen.

Having been a client of the Food Bank myself I can tell you this:

If you're going to donate canned food... some homeless people do NOT have a can opener!

If you can, donate cans that have pop tops.

Some semi homeless people rent rooms that share bathrooms... there is no toilet paper.
I'm not going to list rooming houses that offer shared bathrooms, but I can tell you that it's great to have some option to sleeping outside if you DO work, can raise the money to pay for a month's rent BUT cannot raise the money for security deposit and couldn't pass the credit check anyway.

Toilet paper, toothpaste, tooth brushes and shampoo is always in short supply at the Food Bank.

Neat bit of Frederick Maryland history trivia: The building that houses both the Frederick Food Bank AND the Frederick Soup Kitchen is the old train station from the Civil War Days.

Abe Lincon spoke in this building when he visited the Battlefields of both the Sharpsburg and Antietam Battles


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