Saturday, November 8, 2014

Job Training in Frederick MD

Clearinghouse for Job Training in Frederick MD

There needs to be an online place for folks who need to bootstrap their way out of Poverty.

This blog could start to do that.

In My Not So Humble Opinion..

go digital or go underemployed

So far I've found (and this post will get updated often.. it is in no way "complete")

Goodwill of Monocacy offers rudimentary computer skills training in Frederick MD for free
(insert schedule later)

Frederick Workforce

Teach a Homeless Person To Code is what I'd like to promote

One main obstacle is the "Morganization Theory" of management in this Post 2008 Economic Meltdown

Attitude of quite a few of the general managers I've personally worked with (after their CEO hired me to do local SEO and improve a  local companies Social Media Marketing ) is:

With all the cheap labor available from West Virginia.. companies are lowering pay scales across the board: A local car dealership took $12 an hour positions and cut the pay to $10 an hour.. all while sales were hitting record totals... why? Because:

As long as there are unemployed in W VA and/ or Southern Pennsylvania are willing to drive to Frederick for $9 an hour.. why pay $10 or $12

Train your employees.. invest in employees a HUGE ROI your missing out on.

Employees First, Customers Second: Turning Conventional Management Upside Down

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