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A Mission Of Mercy Frederick Schedule

No Dental Clinic at Taneytown site

January, 2010
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
4 Frederick
5 Brunswick
Westminster 7
No Clinic
No Clinic
11 No Clinic
12 Reisterstown
13 Taneytown
14 No Clinic
15 Harrisburg
18 Frederick
19 Brunswick
21 No Clinic
22 No Clinic
25 No Clinic
26 Reisterstown
27 Westminster 28 No Clinic
29 Harrisburg

Excerpted from A Mission Of Mercy's official website:

Ann's Story

Without medical insurance, Ann had to make a difficult decision: provide for her children or take her monthly medication.

For Ann, the Mission of Mercy clinic in Brunswick, MD is a place where "they really, really do help you!" Ann is a second generation Mission of Mercy patient - her father introduced her to M.O.M. many years ago when he received assistance for chronic illnesses. And when she needed Mission of Mercy, we were here for her, too. Although Ann is a young woman in her early 40's, Ann's body has been through a lot - cervical cancer and a hysterectomy at age 27, osteoporosis and most recently, depression.

Without medical insurance for the past three years, Ann had to quit taking her medications, and it had been two and a half years since her last check-up. She just did not have access to care, and could not afford it on her own. She had tried other government and community resources, but said that she found only limited assistance, like free exams, and no help with costly medications.

With a 16 year old son and 12 year old daughter to care for, Ann tired to make ends meet through her night job as a stocker at a big-box store. However, a recent onset of depression had left her unable to work due to severe mood swings. Showing remarkable gumption, Ann came specifically to Mission of Mercy to be seen for her condition, desperately hoping that the treatment would enable her to get back to work... hoping for help with the medications she should be taking... and hoping for a better future for herself and her family.

Mission of Mercy was there for Ann, providing her with the resources that she needed at that difficult time of her life. Ann is now a fully functioning mother and once again gainfully employed.

A Mission of Mercy:

A Mission of Mercy
22 South Market Street, Frederick, MD
(301) 682-5683

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